I have visited the Yamakoshi Mountains with Tim a number of times and each time has been excellent. Seeing Koi of this quality is something I have always wanted to do and getting the chance to do so has made the hobby so much better, it helps more when you can go to the places […]

Roy Pillay – South Africa

Japan buying trip update…

By Tim Waddington,
Filed in Japan

We have been here with our clients for 3 days now and its been HECTIC!! 

We do not usually do this amount of clients on one trip but with it being the 50th All Japan Koi Show it was just crazy, we actually had to turn down 8 clients this trip. 

We have dealers with us from America, Spain and Costa Rica. We also had some hobbyists from the UK who have left us today. A few more days to go…Everyones shopping list is 95% done!!

The snow has been great this year, its not snowed since we got here although some is expected on Thursday evening, its been great to drive around, unlike last year which was a nightmare. 

Everyone having good fun, picking Koi!

More soon…