I would defiantly like to go back to Japan to experience it all again sometime in the near future with Quality Nishikigoi.

David Banks

What does Japan cost?

By Tim Waddington,
Filed in Japan

I get many emails regarding the actual price of a trip to Japan. Obviously the costs are different depending where you are flying from but I can do a rough guide to pricing from the UK.
Flights are not too different from anywhere else.

I will base my example on a 1 week trip to Japan.

Flights – £550-£700 Return.
Train fares to get to Niigata and back – £175.00
Hotel including breakfast per night – £60.00
Car hire per person – £90-£120
Food and drink – £30 per night minimum.

Thats pretty much it. A weeks buying trip to Japan could cost as little as £1295 fully inclusive. (Not the KOI!!!)

I think many people think that it is out of reach to actually visit Japan and select your own Koi. It is not cheap but maybe not as bad as many think.

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