I went out to Japan in November 2013 with Tim and Paul, if you are looking to buy very good quality koi these are the guys you need to book your trip through. They did everything from booking the flight, Hotels ,and car hire We visited some fantastic koi facilities,  and saw some amazing koi […]

Malcolm Crawshaw

Koitrips are back in Japan!

By Tim Waddington,
Filed in Japan

Another Spring time, another trip to Japan. The second buying trip of the year. 

We are currently here with UK dealers who are picking Koi for their clients. 

The Mountains are pretty quiet so we have time to pick the very best, that’s why dealers come here instead of picking them from online lists, to get the Koi that suit their clients. 

W will be visiting up to 30 breeders this trip to find what we are looking for. 

Please keep an eye on the Facebook page to see what we are doing.