This was my 3rd Autumn visit to Japan with Koitrips. It is amazing how much I have learnt from these visits when it comes back to my own Koi at home. I can understand better how things work and have even driving around the mountains myself! A very good experience. I helped at the harvests […]

Majdi J – Wales

Its shipping week…

By Tim Waddington,
Filed in Japan

This week Koitrips have shipped almost 200 boxes of Koi to the USA and the UK. 

All the Koi shipped have been selected personally by our clients in Japan. We do not send price lists or pictures of Koi to our clients when they are buying Tosai and Koi to sell in their shops, they come to Japan and we show them exactly where to buy their Koi. Obviously we cannot select every small Tosai but we see them in the flesh and know exactly what quality they are. 

So if you are in America and want to see some amazing Koi for sale then head over to NYC and check out Fitz Pond store 

One of our other clients is in Long Island, so check out Tori Ponds

Again, all hand selected by Zack. 

If you are in Florida then make sure to check out Bellas Aquatic Gardens

Where you will find some amazing hand picked Koi from Japan, selected by the team from Fitz pond store. 

We have also just send direct to the UK the Koi for Quality Nishikigoi which are unreal.