Another great trip with Koitrips this year. This has been my 3rd consecutive Autumn Harvest and it just gets better and better. I bought a really nice Nisai last year and left it to grow in Japan. I actually harvested it myself this trip and she was much bigger, and much better. I have already […]

Kyle J – St Helens (3rd Trip)

Harvest trip – October 2019!

By Tim Waddington,
Filed in Japan

The All Japan Koi Show buying trip and the Spring buying trip to Japan are now over.

Lets hope the summer is a great time for Koi keepers all over the world.

Coming up next is the Autumn harvest trip. We are posting this early because we already have names down for the trip and last year we turned down 3 people.

The Autumn Harvest is the big one. The chance to see Koi being harvested by the very best breeders. The chance to actually get in the mud pond and harvest Koi in Japan! A dream most Koi keepers will have. The weather will be fantastic and the Koi even better.

We have a few more Harvests to attend this year by breeders we have never helped before, so please stay tuned for further information.

The chance to purchase some Koi you will never be able to purchase apart from in Japan. To see so many breeders in the Niigata area. We have no restrictions where we can buy from so we can just look round and find that perfect Koi that is within your budget.

I did a post a while ago at the costs of a Japan trip, you can read this here, What does it cost?
This will give you a guide to the costing of a Japan trip.

The harvest schedule is pretty much sorted out, so we know already some of the Harvests taking place including the Shintaro main Harvest, Matsunosuke main Harvest and the now infamous Hiroi Seiji main pond, with more to be added soon.
We will be including the Nagaoka Koi Show on this trip too.

Please email us for any further information or to tell us of your interest.

Its the best time!